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Education: to address issues on career development/ and opportunities across the globe.

Outreach: Orphanage homes in-house training; We mobilize young men and women to visit foster homes, with the aim of helping them discover their natural talent and develop it for full use, and to challenge to students and youth to change their behaviors which resulted some of this children in the home, also help them appreciate their parents efforts and count their blessings and see just how blessed they are under parental care, therefore must be respected.

Prison and hospital visitation (Young for the Young):

We mobilize resources to visit above mentioned to share a holistic message with them.

Pre- Basic Educational Certificate Examination B.E.C.E:

We organize skill training program for them while waiting for their result to Senior High school

Pre- WASCE: We organize training, employment opportunities and engage them in volunteer service after their examination.

Tertiary Institution Students: We give them an opportunity to gain working experience through our feeding the feeders program and international volunteers and training, opportunity to up grade in their areas of their professions.

General Counseling in the under-listed areas:

Career Development

Mobile Pre-marital counseling

Drug Abuse

Insecurity and fear management

Emotional and physiological struggling


Suicidal tendencies

Inter-School Exchange Program: We organize students from one school to another school to learn new things, from other teachers, also to develop solution new ways, changing life, peace building, across culture learning with student and teachers across the globe.

Mobile Teleseminar Outreach: Empowering young people with relevant information and employability skill training.

ICT training

Training the Trainer: Equipping young people in UVM and beyond, to render volunteer services to develop and solve problems in communities, hence we send them out for various exercises in specific areas need with passion, with opinion leaders. Also receive international volunteers from around the globe to supplement our efforts.

Weekend Riders: We organize programs to for people who are always lonely on weekends to socialize.

Special Events:

MY DESTINY HORSE CONFERENCE: Is our annual holistic empowerment conference which attract renowned  speakers  across the globe from various professional fields who do presentations  in their  areas with relevant information,

Our MY DESTINY SPEAKERS BUREAU NETWORK: We offer training, seminars, presentations on request across the globe.

Dream & Vision revival conference: We organize this seminar to bring all visionaries together, to fight against frustration, difficulties, the visionaries are facing; and share ideas to supply strength and encouragement to each other for greater works and accomplishments.

B.E.C.E/ WASCE Fair: We organize final year students who are about to write the exams together to give them our moral support, through inspiration, motivation, prayer for them towards the examination. We bring people from all over West Africa preparing to write West African Examinations Council (WAEC) examinations to educate them on examination malpractices and also deal with examination fears.

OUR ANNUAL General Socialization program

And He Rested Trip: Comes of every 1st July. It also to raises funds for various youth centers.

UVM also has special attention for people, who have fallen down in life; and want to give up in life. We welcome them personally and receive calls on our hot line services.


Educational-providing school building to help develop youth with intellectual capacity to higher height  in urban, village, and remote areas to gain education,  and also create an inheritance for abandoned children, orphans, school dropouts to get back to school.  

Health: To provide health facilities to deprived people in various communities

Poverty Reduction: To reduce poverty through educating youth, and providing skills for adult to generate income to manage their families.

Drill Borehole Water Project: To provide portable water for various communities

Farming: To provide food for people in various communities.