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We are one, One people, One God,moving into our destiny!Uniting against all forms of limitations of our Dreams




United Visionaries Movement (UVM) is a deep compassionate destiny driven holistic non

denominational and non-governmental faith based organization registered in the republic of  South

Africa with an office in Ghana,with Registration No. (G.14.608.),(D.S.W.2538)(TM 033) NPO No. 031-391

It is made up of intellectuals from various professional fields. It is a body of young men and women who have seen the need to nurture youthful untapped potentials with latent visions but have become victims of circumstances. UVM is a unifying body with a call to help unearth and accomplish the visions  among its members and beyond.

The driving force of these young men and women is the blowing wind of dynamic information technological revolutionary changes and other new experiences and endeavors in which young people  yearn for opportunities in these emerging-climates to offer their potential and contribute make the world a better place for us all. UVM, we believe everybody has a unique gift, charisma, talent, idea and potentials for leadership.

Wisdom and ideas does not lie in the bosom of one individual beside, age is not a barrier to what a person  an achieve. Against the above backdrop we believe that one can do better when armed with the requisite skills, information, knowledge and tools. 

UVM desire to mobilize young men and women to desist from taking violent actions in defense of  their right and to harness all available resources from far and near which can help bring our vision and mission into fruition for the beneficiaries and to complement Governments,corporate bodies and other dynamic stakeholders to undertake developmental and sustainable projects.